A sustainable use of industrial oil

SKF RecondOil closes the loop on the use of industrial lubrication oil. Our patented Double Separation Technology (DST) can turn industrial oil from a costly consumable into a reliable, circular asset.

The oil can be purified down to nano level – with all original properties retained. And by regenerating the same oil – over and over again – an uncompromised circular use is created.

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Uncompromised circular use of industrial oil

Minimal environmental footprint and carbon emissions

Maximal productivity and product quality

Lower cost of oil (purchase, handling and disposal)

DST – a proven technology

See how Fredrik Stolpe, head of Production and engineering at Zapp describes how RecondOil helped them minimize oil purchase costs, downtime and environmental impact, while improving output and product quality.



Oil as a service – buy once, use forever!

With SKF RecondOil, we are changing the business model for the use of industrial oils. Our Double Separation Technology lets you use the same oil again and again.

Your oil purchase and disposal costs are significantly reduced and replaced with our profitable oil as a service fee- or performance-based contracts, in which we deliver SKF oils and technology in tailored, integrated packages.

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What can SKF RecondOil do for you?


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